Sunday, November 27, 2011

The International Date Line: Your Assport to Jetlag

Think the title doesn't make any sense? I don't care. I've been up 30 hours straight, flying with a six month old back from Japan. You get on the airplane at 6:00 pm then spend the next 12 hours of your life sealed in a tin can in the middle of the night. And I for one would find it easier to sleep through a stampeding herd of elephants than on one of those airplane seats.

My father-in-law died two hours before we touched down two weeks ago. We rushed to the hospital and spent some time with his body. He didn't get to see his last grandchild with his worldly eyes before he died. It still rankles me, but I think he's looking down on us, watching over our kids. Some pretty amazing things happened to us in Japan. The stories will have to wait. I'm just too damn tired. Apparently they do Christmas in Japan, but it's even more annoying than it is in the U.S. I know, it's hard to imagine.


  1. Welcome back! Sorry about your father in law. GO TO BED!!!

  2. Sorry about your father in law. And I know what you mean-once I spent 48 hours with no sleep. I felt like sh*t ;D so go to bed, and I can't wait for the awesome stories :)

  3. I'm so glad you're back! I missed you. I'm also sorry about Shigekazu. He was such an amazing, kind man.

    Get some rest ;)

    Love ya,

  4. Sorry about your FIL. And the trip. Glad you all made it back safe, even if you did lose part of your sanity in that long-ass flight with a baby.


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