Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Zombie Apocalypse is Here

With the craze going on over vampires and werewolves, wizards and demons; I got to wondering about the zombie apocalypse.   And, given the current political time of year it is, I realized that it has already arrived, and we didn't even know it.

It would be all too easy to spot if people turned white and gnawed each other's faces off. No, the apocalypse has manifested its self in a much more subtle way. It has arrived, but not in the mindless consumer allegory envisioned by George A. Romero in the original zombie classic, Dawn of The Dead. Instead, it has come in the form of Political Zombies catering to the whim of the amorphous masses, ready to change their stance on policies in any direction the latest polls blow. 

They all seem the the same to me, hungering for power, inching ever closer with their half truths and veiled lies, until elected when their ravenous hunger can be satiated by gnawing our faces off. 

The politicians are all zombies in disguise. They are all partisan, lining up in little rows on either side, pretending this ideal or that social issue belongs exclusively to them, when, in reality, its just a vast illusion to curry favor from the greatest number of people available. The desire for big government, or small government, states rights or centralized government isn't inherently tied to abortion or being pro-choice, gay marriage or the biblical definition of marriage, environmentalism or pro-drilling. But, like the zombies our elected officials are, they follow the party platform and vote accordingly. They don't even have the decency to be pasty faced, with blood dripping from their mouths.

But how do they get there in the first place? It wouldn't be an apocalypse without hordes of mindless flesh-eaters working collectively together. That's when I realized it. We have all been bitten, by every skewed statistic they've fed us, by every dollar spent by the super pacts, by every union or committee or think-tank seeking to impose their will over the air-waves.

So, we as a nation line up on either side and fight, when we should come together. And like every one else, I will go vote, and I will vote for either the incumbent or for a specific party if I have no idea who either person is. 

I have become a political zombie, and I disgust myself. It is too difficult to understand all the issues or really get to know the candidates. Besides, in the end, it has become more about winning than doing what's right. How about you?

A zombie's a zombie, no matter its color. 


  1. Well said indeed. The thing that really gets me is that we will elect one of these guys in and that there are actually people out there that think that that ONE candidate will change the country.

    The President picks advisers... Congress changes the country.

    And they haven't passed a single law since 2009.


  2. I totally agree Juli. So much money spent by both sides, and for what? It only seems to encourage more animosity, deepen the divide and eliminate the possibility of compromise. But, its easy to criticize; I wish I knew what would make a difference. They say back in the "good ol' days" government wasn't so partisan. Why is that, or is it not true?

    1. I think WAY back in the day, the congressmen were regular people with REAL jobs. When their term was over, they went back to their real lives. There was no crazy lifetime pension, unlimited healthcare, etc. They served because they wanted to do it for their country, not for the eternal paychecks.

      Maybe it's time to limit terms and have salary caps going forward on all congresspeople. As well as having to be reelected for 75% f their allowed terms before they can receive a pension.

      Bottom line, there are lots of amazing people that want to do the job, but can't afford to run against the incumbent.

    2. Looking at government office from the point of view of it being a service rather than a career really does feel right. It almost makes you want to serve... almost. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I agree with Juli. It seems the President isn't really the man who holds the power or makes decisions anymore. Was this ever really the case? I can't even remember anymore.
    Nevertheless, I voted. It was a hard won right and I feel privileged to use it.

  4. I agree with Vixen, it is our civic duty to vote. And I agree, the President doesn't hold much power. And actually, this is good, Separation of Powers and all. What annoys me is the partisan rancor and the inability to compromise. Furthermore, the skewing of statistics and disrespect for the truth. An old Spanish proverb says "A man without honor smells worse than a corpse."

    They're zombies I tell you, zombies.

  5. I love this line: "They don't even have the decency to be pasty faced, with blood dripping from their mouths."

    I'm voting tomorrow too. This is my first year voting and I'm excited.


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