Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Monkey on Her Back

My sister recently dedicated a lovely song to me. It was rather touching and I thought I ought to respond with something equally sentimental. First off, if you'd like to listen to the song you can find it here,

The hat she wore in this video really brought back memories. She's worn it since she was little. There was nowhere this little cow girl went that she didn't wear that hat. Even when she didn't conciously know her mother was a cow, she still knew.

One, Two, Three, Four, I Declare a Blog War

Anyway, I went back and found some pictures of her in this hat. I thought you might like them. I'm including a description of each so you will understnad the context in which they were taken.
A picture with her brother. Why she's picking her nose, I still don't know.
 Another picture with her brother. She seems a little upset.

Cutting loose with Melynda, Candiss and Fishducky

On safari in Africa.

Taken while conducting a lecture tour on being politcally correct in China.

Showing off her muscles.

Meeting her biological cow mother for the first time. Touching.

Sumo wrestling in Japan.

 Elisa riding Aunt Bessie at her biological cow mother family reunion.

Elisa and Grandma
Strutting her stuff at Halloween. NO, 'F' is for fabulous.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. 


  1. LMAO!!!!!
    Hey are you gonna write me a story or not?

  2. 1--Okay, that was (a little) funny!

    2--My husband is an attorney. We may sue you for posting my picture without my permission. Did you know I have a court order banning papparazzi? It IS a flattering picture, though, isn't it?

    3--As for her hat, Elisa has always had a great sense of style.

    4--Are you sure she's your sister & not your cousin? You look SO MUCH like Aunt Bessie!

  3. Jenn, I've got one ready to go. I just need to send it.

  4. Fishducky, I agree with you on Elisa's impeccable sense of style. I mean, look at her in the red number above. Never-the-less, she's going down. There are no rules when it comes to love and blog war.

  5. LOL for the pictures :D

    you both are crazy, you know that? ;D

  6. I love these extra pictures that your sister didn't re-post. Fantastic!

  7. Joshua, a jewel, every one. I'm putting together a scrapbook for her.

  8. LOL! Oh sweet Christmas present, here I come. You know I LOVE scrapbooks :0)


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